Thanks to nearly 300 groups organized by more or less 5 000 leaders, 20 000 children and teenagers are being entertained every weekend.

Patro is a Belgian youth organization recognized by the French community in Belgium. Depending on the age of the child, Patro is an organization of quality designed to develop creativity, independence, tolerance, a group spirit, solidarity and encourage objective thinking. The objective is that the child becomes a responsible, active, solid and thinking citizen.

The movement is composed of three different parts: the local level, regional level and the national level. Each level has its own importance: the local level is directly in contact with the children and offers activities and leadership. The regional level takes care of the training of the leaders and also assists in the running of the patros in that region, checking that information is effectively distributed, organizing meetings, and supporting the Patros through the various problems they encounter. The national level works on the teaching aspect of the movement, organizes courses for the leaders, the trainers and the presidents, represents and defends the movement in different situations and offers a multitude of services.

On this website, you can discover the history of the Patro, its structure, teaching, modules of formation, its various services, and its calendar. As well as chatting forums and lots of photographs. Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget to produce a version in your language and we are sorry about this, but we still hope that you will enjoy the site.

Objective of the Movement

Convinced that diversity is a gift, the Patro is a youth organisation open to everyone and careful to the more sensitive.
Carried by the youth, our objective is giving fulfillment and fun by proposing well-prepared animations, adapted to the reality of our groups.
Guided by our educative project, and in reference to the actions of Jesus, the Patro contributes to personal and collective achievements of children and teenagers within society